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Chain saw the main building

Hangzhou Qirui Tools Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 16, 2016

1, engine-it is almost always a two-stroke gasoline (gasoline) internal combustion engine, typically using a cylinder volume of 30 to 120 cm 3 or motor. 

2, drive mechanism, usually using a centrifugal clutch, sprocket.

3, guide rod-with a round end of wear-resistant alloy steel typically 16 to 36 inches long and slender. Groove to guide the cutting chain. Professional loop-style bar, known as the bow bar, is also used in a counter trend logs and cleaning, although they are now rarely encountered due to increased operational hazards.

4, cutting chains, usually in this chain of divisions (its structure similar to a bicycle chain riveted metal sections, but without the scroll wheel), small and sharp cutting teeth. Each tooth require a sharp angle or curved corners and two cutting edges, in the roof and one in the side panel chrome folding tab on the form. Left-handed and right-handed teeth are alternating in the chain. Chains come in a variety of pitches and pressure gauge sprocket spacing is defined as over any three consecutive rivets (for example, 0.325 inch) half the length and pressure gauge drive link thickness, it is embedded in the Guide bar (for example, 0.05 in). The traditional "full" chain has a tooth for every two drive links. "Skip" every three drive chain. Make each tooth depth gauge "harrowing" ride ahead of teeth cutting depth limit, usually about 0.025 ". Depth gauge safety interlock operation is essential, if too high, they will lead to very slow cutting out if low chain will become much easier to kick back. Will also result in lower depth gauges saw severe vibration. Vibration is operation not only uncomfortable, but it is also bad saw. Each has a small link at the bottom of the metal finger called "drive link" chain of the location bar to help oil the bar around, and inside the body of the engine drive sprocket saw. Engine driven orbit around the chain by centrifugal clutch, engaged in the chain under power, but allows the engine idling stop

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