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How to pick the chain saw? What should pay attention to when choosing chain saw problem

Hangzhou Qirui Tools Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 16, 2016

How to choose your very own chain saw? First of all, we need to first understand what types of saws and chain saw brand and model specifications. Common types of saws hand saw, chainsaw, chain saw and so on so that we can cut and raise efficiency.

Low cost, of course, consider buying hand-saws, and even an axe can, but if you work, hand saw and will not meet the demand, it is necessary to select power saws and chain saw. Chainsaw without a doubt is the plug-in, this has a certain culture, chain saw is the gasoline that can carry to work in the field. Chainsaw as reasons for charging, power is small, generally used for smaller diameter cut templates or wood. Chain saw use gasoline, power, powerful, can cut very large diameter trees. Because different machines and the price of gasoline and electricity, chainsaw chain saw costs lower.

When you go through the above explanation, want to know when you buy a chain saw, began to consider the chain saw brand and model specifications. Chain saw brand is mainly divided into import and domestic, imports mainly in Steele, Hoss Warner, Komatsu, average import prices at more than 3000 such high costs, and bad parts of the country it's hard to buy, price is not very high, is not recommended. We talk about domestic chain saw. Domestic chain saw at home for more than 10 years of development, accessories support have matured, and the quality is stable, the market is very mature.

Domestic made chain saw specifications from the cylinder 38mm,43mm,45mm,46mm,48mm; model for 3200,3700,4500,5200,5800,6200,10500 and so on. 3200 and 3700 are mainly located in the small chain saw, used for pruning small branches. 4500,5200,5800,6200 these are medium chain saw, more domestic civil is 5800 and 6200, so no special-purpose and requirements, many stores are directly recommended 5,800. Good market reaction is 5,800 's Tomahawk kripal NT9580 and axe ZF8580. Great, a lot of consumers at home.

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