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The development trend of chain saw

Hangzhou Qirui Tools Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 16, 2016

Chain saw will use in the future, universal, and adaptive development; in terms of performance and quality, small, light weight, high efficiency, low fuel consumption, low vibration and low noise development. Specific performance in the following areas:

1, the widespread adoption of high pressure casting technology for magnesium alloys, increase the overall forging structures, some of the parts using plastics and aluminium hacksaw frame, the proportion decreased to less than 1.5 kg/HP chain saw.

2, increase engine speed abroad has reached 8 ~ 10 k • r • p • m, the power indicator increased to over 70 h P/1. Must be the premise of advanced manufacturing technology, accurately designed cooling system, improved flying fan blade shape and size, head of the connecting rod structure, optional high grade bearings

3 and lower fuel consumption. Select high quality spark plugs, improving ignition and combustion conditions, rationalize the ventilation channel shape and size, further improvement of the structure of carburetor.

4, lower vibrations of the chain saw, will be the primary goal in recent years. The subject of attention both at home and abroad. Been determined that chain saw acceleration in China typically 10 ~ 20G, far greater than the international standards of health care. Therefore, we must proceed from the source, to take measures to eliminate or reduce vibrations. At present, many people focus on "shock-proof hacksaw frame".

I think, in May of conditions Xia, vibration source no do maximum of elimination or weakened Qian, only make anti-vibration saw frame, will resulted is unlikely to, used anti-vibration saw frame (handles) can makes logging workers of feel good, can up to reduced vibration on human effect of role, but its reduction vibration of effectiveness is worth discussion of, because chain saw quality most is small, as long as body vibration is big. plus a praise volume is small of saw frame (Yu tree), impossible big degrees reduced chain saw of vibration.

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