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Chain Production Technology In China

Hangzhou Qirui Tools Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 16, 2016

Chain production technology and equipment in China has reached a level close to the international advanced level. China has can itself development, and production has China features of high-speed automatically chain tablets rushed CD machine, and high-speed pin axis machine, and high-speed volume tube machine, and roll child five station cold heading machine, and high-speed chain automatically assembly line, and more station flat-topped chain automatically forming assembly line, and network with furnace heat treatment line, and high-speed wear test machine, and new fatigue test machine, series advanced, and efficient, and practical of business chain and the detection dedicated equipment, and in full industry get has widely application.

Some advanced chain has been actively promoting the technology in the industry, raw materials used in nitrogen furnace annealing and advanced, fast, and automatic thickness of rolling technology; small and medium size chain punch, multi-position progressive die with high-speed; heat treatment carburizing carbonitriding, propane gas technologies; pin-chromizing process.

Chain industry in China has a vast market and great potential. Region: Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangsu and other economically developed areas to the industrial chain of demand increasing rapidly year by year; agricultural provinces such as Henan, Shandong's demand for agricultural machinery chain;, Shaanxi, Heilongjiang, Xinjiang's oil, mining, metallurgy the great market potential of the chain. As far as products are concerned, auto chain of high-end chain market prospects; orientation of motorcycle chain market dominated by middle and low demand; chains of agricultural machinery market demand tends, for combine harvester and tractor part supply chain products; conveyor chains and large size and shaped chain market watch, has become the pursuit of the hot market.

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