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High Strength Ring Chain Production Process

Hangzhou Qirui Tools Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 16, 2016

Following is a brief introduction of high strength ring chain production process: in terms of processing: active rolling thickness information leading technology, shot peening, hole, roller cold extrusion, bright chain repeatedly at high speed punching rivet, four points, two-sided printing and other new technology, expert industry beginning to choose from, this chain were to a certain extent, the quality of the product. In chain making dedicated equipment aspects: China has have itself development success has China features of high-speed active chain tablets rushed CD machine, and high-speed pin axis machine, and high-speed volume tube machine, and roll child five station cold extrusion machine, and chain installation active line, and high-speed chain installation machine, and more station flat-topped chain active forming installation line, series more leading, and efficient, and useful of business chain dedicated equipment, alternative has some traditional of chain making equipment, narrowed has China chain plane and abroad leading business chain equipment Zhijian of distance. 

In hot disposal aspects: in recent years, China chain product of hot disposal process and the equipment forward larger, some company original information selection nitrogen (or nitrogen hydrogen mixed gas) maintenance of cover type furnace annealing; chain parts usually are selection hot disposal network with furnace for quenching and tempered, quality more safe, discrete degrees can control in 3-4 degrees; chain parts of tough of disposal, and infiltration chrome, and infiltration boron, and isothermal quenching and quenching media of "to water generation oil", new process, also have using.

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Hangzhou Qirui Tools Co.,Ltd
Tel: +86-571-82333345
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