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3 8 pitch guide bar

  • 404

    Contact Now404" Harvester Bar404" harvester bar Production Description: MAYA .404” Harvester Bar Part Number Instruction: Features: ‍ ●Solid bar body provides superior durability and outstanding springback. ●Advanced sprocket nose system with excellent performance and long life. ●High-grade alloy-steel material and...Read More

  • Carving Bar

    Contact NowCarving Barcarving bar 1)Product Specification Show: Bar mount AT , it can match chain both of 1/4” and 3/8”lp: Features ●The USA ultra-high wear resistant STELLITE 6B alloy promotes longer bar noselife. ●STELLITE 6B alloy is welded by Germany imported laser machine gives optimum bond of nose and bar-body...Read More

  • 3/8

    Contact Now3/8" Laminated Bar3/8" laminated bar 1)Product Specification Show: Features ●Slim contour, excellent maneuverability. ●Super-tough chrome-moly steel provides superior bar-body strength and tough rails with excellent resistance to wear and chipping. ●Replaceable nose sprocket kit. ●Oil-retaining feature...Read More

  • 0.325 Laminated Bar

    Contact Now0.325 Laminated Bar0.325 laminated bar 1)Product Specification Show: Available manufacturing chainsaw guide bar mount and oregon models compassion forms: Features .325” Bar mount type: (TH / EH / WH) Chainsaw guide bar advantages as follows: 1.The raw material of the guide bar are imported from USA and Switzerland...Read More

  • Chainsaw Hard Nose Bar

    Contact NowChainsaw Hard Nose Barchainsaw hard nose bar 1)Product Specification Show: 2)Production Department and Sample Room Show: We are the first factory of manufacturing guide bar, saw chain, and sprocket in China. The product line includes guide bar, saw chain, sprocket, rim, wrench, chain breaker, rivet spinner, saw file,...Read More

  • 325 Pro Solid Bar

    Contact Now325 Pro Solid Bar325 pro solid bar 1. Chainsaw parts guide bar 12”-75”; 2. Guide bar with replacement sprocket nose ; 3. Guide bar with Durable and long life, and can change the sprocket nose; 4. Sample request for guide bar is available; 1)Product Specification Show: Bar Mount : .325 Sprocket Bar Nose:...Read More

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